Good Moments in Media
by Noby Nobriga

Electra Glide in Blue: An Ironic and Lonely Road
The irony hits him.  He tumbles.  He sits upright.  I think it's an excellently photographed final shot with the long, long tracking shot down the lonely road.

The Cheerleaders: Opening Credits
I enjoy these credits very much. It's really not anything complicated or impressive. Just clever and neat.


Three's Company: Mug To the Camera
One of the funniest things I've ever seen is Mr. Roper's mugs to the camera. During the second season, each episode has Mr. Roper getting in a really good one-liner shot at Mrs. Roper. Early in the season, Mr. Roper just throws it out and goes about his business, internally happy with his quip. After a few episodes, someone realized a way to take a good shot and make an entirely hilarious scene. What else could be done than to have Mr. Roper turn to the camera for a zooming close-up, huge, grinning mug to the camera. Pure comedy. Makes me laugh every time.


Jonna Tervomaa: Neljä Seinää: "Neljä Seinää"
At about four minutes into Jonna Tervomaa's song "Neljä Seinää," there is a musical interlude and a short build-up.  Then, at about 4:35, Jonna returns with the magical "ahs" from her beautiful voice.  One of my favorite moments in all of music.

Doom: Friends Make Fun
The original Doom by id Software is one of my very favorite games of all time.  However, for it to be the ultimate in enjoyment, I must play it with a friend or more.  Every time that I have played multiplayer Doom, I've played cooperative.  Deathmatch doesn't do much for me.  The co-op in Doom is somehow different from co-op in any other games since.  For example, Battlefield 2.  Modern games seem to have lost something.  Like most things, the original is the best.  I don't know what it is, but whatever it
is about it, I like it.  Maybe it's some sort of simplicity and purity. Anyway, it's magical gameplay.

The Last Picture Show: Why Don't You Love Me
Basically anytime "Why Don't You Love Me" by Hank Williams is playing.

The Last Picture Show: Ben Johnson
Basically, anytime Sam the Lion is speaking, like when he's talking about his old flame.  Also, when the boys return from Mexico.

American Beauty: The Saddest
To me, one of the saddest parts of the movie is Angela's desperation after Angela and Jane's fight.

Fucking Åmål: The Kiss
The kiss in the car is very beautiful and romantic while also awkward and immaturely impulsive.  I have a slight light-heartedness for the moment.

Lost In Translation: Karaoke
I love all of Lost In Translation.  The late-night, dreamy feel of the whole movie.  But I must point out one specific scene that I think of as one of my favorite moments in any movie.  I love the karaoke room scene where the pair are hanging out with Charlie and the gang.  Charlotte sings "Brass In Pocket" and Bob sings "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" and "More Than This."  I wish that scene, that night, could last for a much longer time.  But, when it must end, I feel a little bit light in my heart when Charlotte, in pink hair, leans onto Bob's shoulder.

Galaxy Quest: Tech Sgt. Chen
I do enjoy the movie Galaxy Quest. It's just one of those nice, compact, little movies that you can watch when you're sick at home. However, one character that I get a lot of joy from is Tony Shalhoub's Tech Sgt. Chen. He's very pleasant and humorous.

The Last American Virgin: Last Scene/Closing Credits

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