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How many times do we have to hear this about the Donnie Darko article?

I think it is audacious for anyone to have the gumption to dictate to the general public what they are entitled to like or dislike.  It is arrogant and makes the author come across as an uneducated bigot.

The answer: at least 10.  This letter is really long, so the best parts been excerpted here.  Listen to this.

[Regarding the "allusions" of Donnie Darko] Plus, if you spilt hairs, Tarantino uses many themes and frames directly from many Asian movies . . . not so subtle to someone who knows what to look for.

"Someone who knows what to look for" = everyone in the world.  Later it says:

Frank, the rabbit, is on of the Manipulated Dead (as explained in the Philosophy of Time Travel, a supplement Richard Kelly created to help explain the underlying theories of the movie.)  As a Manipulated Dead, his main purpose is to ensure that Donnie fulfills his destiny.  The rabbit suit was used not only to gain Donnie's "trust."  But for him to recognize the trap (i.e.- Halloween night) and all the people involved, the suit was entirely necessary.

If you get the opportunity, read the supplement.  It gives the story an extra layer and helps bring more understanding.  Before you brush this off, I would hope that you would take the time to research a topic before dismissing the ideas completely.  Only the most ignorant of people are quick to criticize something they do not fully understand.  I would like to think that you are not one of those people.

1. Rusty understood the movie 100% without the supplement.  He didn't like it because he understood it.  2. Movies shouldn't need supplements.  3. Read this.

Granted, but obviously you care and think about [issues in Donnie Darko], too.  Otherwise you might never have spent such an enormous chunk of your life writing (and numbering) a list lambasting this movie.  You care and it's nice that you want other people to care about your opinions, too.  That's sweet.

"That's sweet."

And you are not witty critic you purport yourself to be.  I still see the same angst-ridden melodrama from your essay that shares the same qualities that BOTH Donnie Darko and American Beauty capitalize on.  Way to be different and break from the crowd.

Rusty purported to be a witty critic?  We thought he wrote, in the article, "I’m a dumbass too, but the difference is I sort of recognize that fact."  About the angst-ridden melodrama: yes, yes, yes, you're beginning to understand.  Isn't anyone able to read tone anymore?

Now you realize that you are making the same, tired comments over and over again hoping that if you put a different spin on it, people will see you as the cunning writer you think you are.  (Which in some instance you are.)  But, alas, it is still the same spew and you probably feel clever about thinking that you could reel in the gullible masses with your intuitive words.  I know it sounds harsh, but having to read the same material over and over again is becoming redundant.

I know it sounds harsh, but having to read the same material over and over again is becoming redundant.

Funny that you should be compelled to WRITE about it and cause more controversy to get people to watch it and make their minds up for themselves.  The irony.

Yes, that is correct.  It is funny.  It is ironic.  It's even more funny and ironic that the article being funny and ironic is causing people to WRITE that it's funny and ironic as if it didn't know it was being that in the first place.  The article wins the game again!  The "Donnie Dorko" article always wins!

A response to Rusty's open letter to Ashlee Simpson.

You are entirely wrong about everything u said about ashlee simpson. She is a great actress, singer, and role model. She is none of the things you portrayed her to be. She has much more talent than Britney Spears i can tell u that much.. - Megan

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