Book Reviews
by Tommy Burton

Harry Knowles Ain't It Cool (Warner Books)

Harry. A guy who also likes media. He's a genuine movie geek. After an injury, he managed to get in at the ground level of this burgeoning thing called the internet and developed a website devoted to movie news and gossip. Low and behold the site grew and has become one the premier independent movie sites on the 'net. His news is reliable and he runs the site out of love for all things film. The history, the good, the bad... it's all here. This book details how he got started and sheds some light on some of Hollywood's brightest behind the scenes folks. He also blows the lid off of the screening process and its many problems. Through it all, Harry has genuine reverence for the movies themselves. He's the guy you like to hang out with on Friday nights and go rent off the wall titles, watch them, then proceed to tear them apart. With a foreword by another genuine film geek, Quentin Tarantino, this book is a quick, easy read and you gain some insight to a man who enjoys cinema. Harry's one of the good guys, and any fan of media (like ourselves) would do themselves a favor by picking this up.

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