The Widescreen/Fullscreen Misnomer
by Rusty W. Spell

I want to buy a copy of this Ocean's Eleven DVD, but I don't know if I should get the widescreen or fullscreen version. Could you tell me the difference?

Yes, in fact we have a demonstration here on display. The only way to fit a long rectangular movie screen inside a square TV screen is to place black bars at the top and bottom. This is the widescreen edition, and it preserves the entire image. The so-called full screen versions cut off the sides of the movie screen in order to fill up the TV. The dotted lines on this picture indicate where someone has cut the image, so you can't even see the shark, only the boat. "Full screen" is actually misleading, since the widescreen edition is the only one which indeed shows the full screen. So I would certainly recommend the widescreen edition.

Wow, I suppose so. I saw Ocean's Eleven on my friend's full screen DVD and I never saw the shark at all.

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